June, July, August Specials!


Pre-purchase Inspection: 1-2 bedroom home: $425.00 +GST  $400 +GST ($460 inclusive of GST)

Pre-purchase Inspection: 3 bedroom home:    $475.00 + GST $425 +GST ($488.75 inclusive of GST)

Pre-purchase Inspection  4 bedroom home:  $550.00 + GST  $465 + GST ($534.75 inclusive of GST)

Pre-purchase Inspection  5 bedroom home:  $595.00 + GST $500 + GST ($575.00 inclusive of GST)

Earthquake Damage Assessment:  1-3 bedroom home:  $425.00 + GST

Earthquake Damage Assessment: 4 bedroom home:    $500.00 + GST


ADD ONS to normal inspections:

Thermal Imaging Inspection – Interior and Exterior
1 – 3 bedroom single storey homes  $250.00 +GST
4+ bedroom and/or two storey homes  $375.00 + GST
Aerial Drone Inspection – difficult sites a specialty. Close up footage of roofing including report.
$450.00 + GST – residential and commercial.
No Site too difficult!


Please talk to us for a quote for jobs falling outside the above groups.

Repair/Remedial can work arranged through recommended reputable builders. Everything from repairs to new home design and construction.

Commercial building construction available through one of Christchurch’s most experienced commercial construction companies.

Please call us to discuss other inspections/reports you may require that do not fall into the above categories.



image This is the fourth inspection we’ve had from Christchurch Property Inspections over a 3 year period & we appreciate the detailed & comprehensive nature of the report  image

- Brad, Harewood